The Refugee Nation was created to bring the world together to support refugees.
            For the first time in Olympics history, the games saw a team of refugee athletes compete in the games. But unlike other competitors supported by their nation countries, these champions had no official "home" to call their own, and thus, no anthem and no flag. The flag of the "Refugee Nation," created by Syrian refugee Yara Said, was orange and black, to represent the life vests the athletes wore as they set off in boats for a better life. Another Syrian refugee, composer Moutaz Arian, created a wordless anthem to convey a universal message of love and hope.
            The Refugee Flag has since become an international symbol of welcome and inclusion. It is hoisted all over the world by different people, organizations, and even countries as a sign of solidarity in support of refugees.
        I was tasked with designing a web experience that captured and explained the idea behind the flag and all that it stands, to visitors from all over the world who may have stumbled upon its colors.
            You can visit the site at

Client: Amnesty International
Agency: Ogilvy
Year: 2017
Collaborators: CCO: Corinna Falusi, GCD: Bastien Baumann, GCD: Rodrigo Moran, GCD: Ricard Valero, CD: Artur Lipori, CD: Caro Rebello, DD: Lucas Camargo, Yara Said (Flag artist), Moutas Arian (Composer), AD: Eduardo Lunardi, AD: Belén Márquez