Can’t Be All That Authentic.

Shaved truffles on instant ramen, bed-side Ming dynasty sculptures, and hotpot on New York City streets — these are things that shouldn’t exist. SHY*BOYZCLUB is an invitation to an exploration of introverted Asian cuisine and goods.
          The cuisine is the result of culinary “fight-nights”, ticketed dinner pop up events, from two chefs Eric Sze (886) and Lucas Sin (Junzi Kitchen, Nice Day), featuring a diverse roster of guest chefs. Ideas, cultures, and palettes clash across a tri-fold takeout menu. The goods are collectible interpretations on Asian objects, old and new, reinterpreted through a contemporary lens.
          SHY*BOYZCLUB’s visual language is drawn from the vernacular of street signage, menus, and disposable bags created by Chinatown’s communities. The historical necessity of Western appeal, homespun graphic design, and real estate limitations resulted in unique, bilingual (sometimes mistranslated) signage, skewed to fit corners of narrow city blocks.
         This clash old & new, found & original introduces something authentically inauthentic at every experience.

SHY*BOYZCLUB consists of cuisine from Lucas Sin (Junzi Kitchen, Nice Day), Eric Sze (886) and goods from Justin Au.

Guest collaborators: Calvin Eng (Win Son, Bonnie’s), Rich Ho (Ho Foods), GN Chan (Double Chicken Please).

SHY*BOYZCLUB is ongoing, stay tuned for our next volume coming soon.