Brand identity design for Perksy, a consumer insights platform that powers real-time research. Users play on its immersive mobile app, that rewards them for answering gamified question “stacks”. Meanwhile, brands gain real, genuine feedback.
            Perksy came to us to help them define their unique position in the industry. With its primarily Millenial and Gen-Z users in mind, we created an expressive brand identity that introduces a voice that is cheeky and irreverent, yet also raw and honest.
            At the identity’s core is a visual toolkit that can emotionally react to anything and everything. We championed an expressive “P.moji” in the brand’s logomark. Inspired by the tactility of pasting stickers, we further developed a system where every visual element can be stacked to create digital and physical moments that tell the unique stories behind every users.

            With the new identity in play Perksy went on to raise a $4 million seed round to continue innovating market research, and the platform continues to gain hundreds of new users everyday.

Client: Perksy
Agency: Droga5
Year: 2018
Collaborators: CDO: Jason Severs, GDD: Devin Croda,
JD: Laura Pursel

Photography courtesy of: Geoff Levy, Sam Sulam, and the unsung heroes of Unsplash.