Founded by former NASA directors, think tank strategists, and engineers, New York Space Alliance is a public benefit corporation leveraging New York resources and global talents to jumpstart entrepreneurship for space.
            NYSA’s logotype and visual identity system is based on a simple idea: looking upwards into the unknown. Meanwhile, the brand’s palette and core elements are firmly grounded in New York City’s heritage. Part revival of space-age wonder and part optimism towards a future in space, the visual identity aims to embody NYSA’s bold aspirations: to empower "astropreneurs" in their ventures.
            In addition to the brand identity, we developed a campaign to launch NYSA's Virtual Space Accelerator initiative, asking New Yorkers some of the most pressing issues regarding space development right now. We aimed to create unexpected, graphically simple depictions of space, heavily inspired by Japanese minimalism.
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Graphic Design
Art Direction
UI / UX Design

Client: New York Space Alliance
Agency: Ogilvy
Year: 2017
Collaborators: GCD: Bastien Baumann, Robyn Makinson, Peter Hahn, Youri Hwang, Grina Choi