Shifting modes
— Business intelligence for modern organizations

Led by visionary founders who created the platform believing in the universal power of data, Mode was set to build upon its success within the business intelligence space by making it accessible to a wider range of users in modern data-driven organizations.
          With the goal to expand its audience beyond data analysts and reach into the enterprise market, Mode was looking to build an identity that captures its independent spirit, technical sophistication and approachability both as a company and a platform.

Client: Mode
Agency: Gretel
Year: 2022
Collaborators: Ryan Moore, Simon Chong, Cyrus Cumming, Suyoung Yang, Yeni Kim, Nick Dean Smith
Type Foundry: WiseType

Signature Behavior

Shifting modes is the core behavior of the identity system: A dynamic logo and an expressive variable typeface (WT Zaft² by WiseType) inverts counterforms and adapts to every canvas, an analogous palette of electric greens, a graphic language of modular blocks that adapts around each other.
          All these modular tools allow Mode to quickly switch from exploratory to analytical expressions, paving the way for every mode of working.