Something New At Every Turn

As part of MoMA’s new rotating presentation, the “Reveal” promises a reimagined approach to exhibiting its collection of modern and contemporary art.
            With each “Reveal,” in which a third of the Museum’s collection rotates, audiences will enjoy fresh perspectives and opportunities to see more of the wide-ranging collection.

Client: MoMA
Agency: Gretel
Year: 2020
Collaborators: Greg Hahn, Ryan Moore, Simon Chong, Dylan Mulvaney, Andrew Stubbs Johson, Kerry Griner, Johannes Geier

Constantly Surprising

Through the direct nature of the campaign design, and the name itself, the idea of the Reveal positions MoMA’s rotating collection as a dynamic moment and experience for museum-goers.
          Visually, the campaign builds on MoMA’s existing core design system, and reflects the physical experience viewers will have in the newly reorganized MoMA galleries—discovering something new at every turn.