Independent brand identity, art direction, illustration, animation, and website for Lee Savage, a clutch handbag designer who primarily works with metals. Renowned in luxury retail and no stranger to the red carpet, Lee’s geometric pieces are strikingly chic and carries a sculptural intrigue. I worked with Lee to develop a cohesive visual identity that presented that same allure.
            Every touchpoint was driven by a Koons-like interest in reflectance and the way it affirms a viewer’s presence. The new logo was redrawn from GT America with details taking cues from the angularity of Lee’s work. The design system follows with architectural and geometric notes. In addition to a graphic toolkit and print design, I designed and developed e-commerce site that exhibits Lee’s collections as unique artifacts, in a pared down brutalist manner.
            For the launch of the new identity, Sam Sulam (DP), Bastien Baumann and I directed and shot a photographic / animated lookbook and product catalogue that brought the work to life with a luxurious, yet gritty high/low flare.

Client: Lee Savage
Year: 2018 - 2019
Collaborators: Sam Sulam, Bastien Baumann