Take A Trip

Ghost Outdoors was founded in Perth, Australia with a simple mission: To make camping and outdoor gear inspired by Australian-style adventuring — cutting loose and breaking free.
          The brand identity captures this adventurous spirit to explore the unknown, through a graphic language that whisks viewers away to the unexpected at every touchpoint. The logo captures a fleeting moment around the campfire, with the brand’s mascot “Smokey” at its center. Inspired by the rugged straightforwardness of trail signage, the identity employs Grillitype’s workhorse serif typeface GT Alpina, paired with a technical taxonomy system set in Favorit. A custom brand pattern ”Ghost Camo” was developed in four colorways, all drawn from different natural Australian landscapes, and is featured across the brand’s textiles and outdoor gear.
          The new identity was rolled out across the brand’s website, social platforms, print lookbook, and drop-bear-ready gear, establishing Ghost Outdoor as a trusted companion into the outback — all while having a bit of fun along the way.

Client: Ghost Outdoors
Year: 2020
Collaborators: So A Ryu, Szeki Yang, Ellen Lo
Photography: Ainslie Hutchence
3D Illustration: Cyrus Cumming